Money through Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a program created by Google that displays advertisements commersil to be installed on a website or blog. Usually in the form of text or images that contain a link or can also be a Search box or boxes to search. Google will pay the installer every time a link is clicked. Usually the link or the image will be adjusted to the content of the website automatically by Google. For instance, a website related to the ebook Adsense advertisers, then the contents of the adsense ads are usually text link or an image that has to do with the ebook.

Nowadays a lot of Indonesian people are flocking to use this way to make money, even serve as their primary occupation or income. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars they can generate each month. How not interested, just with a capital for the website / blog advertise trus can generate income so tempting. Like where? If you want to try?

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